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Duszi rose wijn (31-12-2016)

Dúzsi`s knowledge of the intricacies of wine, coupled with the care with which he fashions them, are apparent when you meet him.
There`s no secret behind his now legendary rosé, other than simple hard work. "You never get a second chance with rosé; it`s more sensitive to the health of the vineyard," he says, adding that healthy grapes with abundant green leaves are what gives the wine its full bouquet.
In addition to his ever-popular Kékfrankos rosé, he`s won medals internationally with rosés from a number of other varieties. Nevertheless, his favourite variety remains Kékfrankos with which his aim is to spread the real taste of Szekszárd and produce enjoyable and delightfully drinkable wines to be enjoyed everyday.
He is also a deft hand in making fuller-bodied French red varieties, which also taste 100% Szekszárd.

Dúzsi Tamás "Roséim 2011" Szekszárd

We tasted them as the Dúzsis put them into cases: from the lighter and more graceful to those approaching a heavier style. "Each comes from a particular, individual single-vineyard. Therefore, it`s not just the characteristic notes of the varietals but also the unique features of the vineyards that can be felt in these rosés. Tamás swears that good rosé is made from grapes that are as good to eat as table grapes. Among our grapes these are the ones that yield bigger berries and rarer bunches. Our favourite is always different: we often taste them, but I`ll never forget that when we bottled the Syrah rosé, in the evening the two of us drank a bottle of it." - Ilona Dúzsi.

Kadarka - fresh, pear, grandma`s summer peaches, spices
Pinot Noir - intensive, full on the palate, tasty
Merlot - surprising fieriness, full and round
Cabernet Franc - pepper, strawberry, cut grass, raspberry, warmer, fuller-bodied
Cabernet Sauvignon - enticing, sweet fruit, thirst-quenching sourness 
Syrah - spicy, vibrant, warm, ripe character
Kékfrankos - sour cherry, wild strawberry, a bit of sweetness and exciting sourness

+ 1 free bottle Dózsi Kékfrankos rose 2011 in June.

Mixed case price: 11900 HUF

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